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First week

You can say that my first week of school was the opposite of the week I expected it to be.

Cause I failed my exams last year I have to do my final year of sixth form all over again. 

First day of school wasn’t a bad day to start with. I had only 3 classes and I liked all 3 the teachers. The next day on the other hand was less nice. I had 5 classes that day which means 2 breaks. One at 11 am and the other was the lunch. Because I barely knew anybody I was at the library during the lunch. I felt quite like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. 

I didn’t like my first week that much that I can’t even remember what happened the next few days. Anyhow, anyway for the first time I had a huge TGIF-feeling. It’s not that my classmates are rude to me, it is just that most of them give me the feeling that I am not worth looking at (I can tell you, that is not a great feeling) so I was quite happy school was nearly over.

I am the only one of my friends who stayed at school, so I expected them to be curious about how my first week went. How my holiday had been and that they were eager to see me. Well I can tell you that I was wrong. I didn’t hear anything from most of them ‘till today. Which made me even more aware that I have 3 best friends and that they are the best. And having 3 best friends is much better than a thousand people who are very nice to you. 

My first two weeks may not have been the best, but I am a ‘strong and powerful’ woman so I can handle it. See you next week guys.

Bye, Pien

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A little ‘Hello’

At the end of the summer I will, again, start my last year of secondary school. Because my mind is quite messy and I’d like to write my thoughts down I have decided to start this weekly blog about me (an eighteen year old dutchie - see pictures above). 

Every week I’ll update my thoughts about my crushes, friends and family, homework, fashion and books I am about to read or have read. 

English isn’t my best school subject, so therefore I am now apologizing for any grammar mistakes. 

I hope you’ll enjoy reading and don’t be afraid to ask me anything. 

The weekly writing will start August 24th. 


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